Sunnybrook Foundation - Who we are

Who we are

Sunnybrook Foundation exists to support the advancement of our world-class health sciences centre, through active fundraising in support of research, education and equipment initiatives at Sunnybrook.

Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors at the helm of our Foundation.


Cliff Rand
Aird & Berlis LLP

Vice Chair

Anne Odette Kaye
E. & G. Odette Foundation, and
The Odette Kaye Family Foundation


Chris Clark
Former CEO


Perry Dellelce
Founder & Managing Partner
Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

Lisa Borsook
Executive Partner
WeirFoulds LLP
William W.L. Cheng
Premier Candle Corporation
Phillip Crawley
Publisher & CEO
The Globe and Mail
Rags Davloor
Board Chair, Tridel Group Operating Companies
Carey Diamond
Managing Partner
Whitecap Venture Partners
Michael Faralla
Head of Global Mining
TD Securities
William T. Holland
CI Financial Corp.
Mike Lord
Temerty Group
Gord Love
EVP, Senior Portfolio Manager
Wellington-Altus Private Wealth Inc.
Janet MacPhail
Rosemary McLeese
Vice-President, Administration
Access Capital Corp.
Stacey Murphy
The Murphy Family Foundation
Terry O'Sullivan
Founding Partner
Lax O'Sullivan Lisus Gottlieb
Sheldon Pollack
OV2 Capital Inc.
Dr. Eileen Rakovitch
Head of Breast program and Medical Director,
Louise Temerty Breast Cancer Centre,
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Andy Smith
President & CEO
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Carol Wilding
President & CEO
Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
Jennifer Tory
Umeeda Madhany
President, Sofina Foundation
Executive Deputy, Office of the Chairman, SofinaFoods
Neil McLaughlin

Group Head of Personal & Commercial Banking, RBC

Adi Mor Sitelbah
General Counsel
GLH Asset Management Corporation
Committees of the Sunnybrook Foundation Board



Cliff Rand (Chair)    
Anne Odette Kaye (Vice-Chair)

Perry Dellelce (Secretary)

   Chris Clark (Treasurer)

Phillip Crawley

  Carey Diamond

Stacey Murphy

Terry O’Sullivan

Jennifer Tory



Jennifer Tory (Chair)
Perry Dellelce
Richard Carl
   William Cheng
Carey Diamond
  Gloria DiGiovanni
Umeeda Madhany
Terry O’Sullivan
Carol Wilding



Nomination & Governance

Phillip Crawley (Chair)
Rosemary McLeese (Vice-Chair)
Lisa Borsook
   Carey Diamond
Michael Faralla
  Bill Holland
Michael Lord
Adi Mor Sitelbah
Terry O’Sullivan
   Jennifer Tory


Audit & Finance

Chris Clark (Chair)

Lisa Borsook
Robert Chisholm
   Michael Faralla
Michael Kavanagh
  Neil McLaughlin
Cliff Rand




Donor Relations

Janet MacPhail (Chair)
Linda Campbell
William Cheng
   Anne Odette Kaye

Sheelagh Lawrence

  Stacey Murphy
Brian Prendergast


Common Investment

Len Racioppo (Chair)
Rags Davloor
Gord Love
   Nancy MacKellar
Alexandra von Schroeter
  Greg Thompson
Poul Winslow


Common Marketing & Communications

David Simmonds (Chair)
    Tom Flynn
David Jowett   

Sheldon Pollack

Cliff Rand
  Iliana Oris Valiente


Governing Council

The Governing Council is a voting body of Sunnybrook Foundation. Its primary governance responsibility is to elect the Directors of the Foundation Board at the Annual General Meeting each year.


Stacey Murphy

Vice Chairs

Gord Love
Carey Diamond


Alan B. H. Abrams

Joan H. Addison

David Agnew

Lesley A. Alboini

Malcolm D. Anthony

Gail Appel

Mark G. Appel, Q.C.

David Archibald

Salvatore M. Badali

Shane Baghai

Sharon Baghai

Mauro Baldassarra

Hollis F. Barry

Jennifer Bassett

Paul L. Bertin

Austin C. Beutel

Nani Beutel

Aziz Bhaloo

Jordan L. Bitove

Tracey J. Black

Morgan Borins

Lisa Borsook

Ann Bowman

William E. Bradford

Donald R. Brown, Q.C.

Michael Burns

Linda C. Campbell

Anne-Marie Canning

Celine Chen

William Cheng

Andrea Chisholm

Robert W. Chisholm

Dr. Mabel Choi

James R. Christie

Chris Clark

Gerald R. Connor

Dr. Sherry Cooper

Carol A. Cowan

Phillip Crawley, C.M.

George N. M. Currie

Frederick F. Dalley

Aubrey L. Dan, C.M.

Marla L. Dan

Perry N. Dellelce

Catherine A. Deluce

Carey J. Diamond

Diana M. Dunlap

Garfield Emerson, Q.C.

Michael C. Faralla

Joel Feldberg

John T. Firstbrook

Elizabeth Flavelle

John R. Gardner

Albert Gasparro

Dr. Brian Gilbert

Gwyn Gill

Dr. Phyllis Glanc

Blake C. Goldring, C.M.

Leonard H. Goodman

Lily Goodman

Anita Gupta

Graham Hallward

Marie Heffernan

Susan J. Helstab

Trent Henry

Dr. Kevin Higgins

Christopher S. Hoffmann

Susanne Holland

William T. Holland

Gordon J. Homer

Michael Horgan

Mary-Ellen Horgan

Marilyn Hull

Garry Hurvitz

David A. Jackson

Dr. Michael Julius

Vijay J. Kanwar

Michael Kaye

James C. Keating

Vincent Kelly

Edward J. Kernaghan

Sheryl L. Kerr

Ann Kerwin

Michael M. Koerner, C.M.

Sonja N. Koerner

Shayne Kukulowicz

Tim W. Kwan

David Lam

Diane Lang

Sigmund Levy

Ana P. Lopes, C.M.

Michael Lord

Phipps Lounsbery

Carl Lovas

Gord Love

Sherry Mabro

Allan A. MacDonald

Anne Marie MacLeod

Walter M. Macnee

Janet MacPhail

Veronica S. Maidman

John S. Man

Stephen O. Marshall

Mark McEwan

Shelley McGirr

Dr. Brian H. McGrath

Virginia McLaughlin

Rosemary McLeese

Dr. Barry McLellan

Mark R. McQueen

Ted Meighen

Dusan Miklas

Gregory A. Milavsky

Ian D. Milnes

Brian Minton

Frank Morneau, Sr., KCSG, KCHS

Deborah Murnaghan

Dr. John J. Murnaghan

Stacey Murphy

Gulshan Nanji

Pyarali G. Nanji

Nimi Nanji-Simard

Joseph M. Natale

Dr. Ken Ng

Terry O’Sullivan

Anne Odette Kaye

Jennifer Pagnutti

Louis P. Pagnutti

Maureen Parkinson

Sheldon M. Pollack

Brian Prendergast

Valerie Pringle, C.M.

Len Racioppo

Dr. Eileen Rakovitch

Cliff Rand

Heather Reid

Dr. Robin R. Richards

Cristina Ronald

Harry Rosenbaum

Dr. Gordon Rubenfeld

Maureen J. Sabia, O.C.

Gerrard B. Schmid

Jos Schmitt

Dr. Seymour Schulich, O.C., CFA

Som Seif

Kimberley Shannon

Lydia H. Sharpe

Peter Sharpe

Susan M. Shaw

Amanda Sherrington

John L. Sherrington

Dr. Kenneth I. Shulman

Georgia H. Sievwright

Dr. Andy Smith

Willard S. Sutherland

James C. Temerty, C.M.

John W. Thompson

Dr. Marvin Tile, C.M.

Stephen Tile

Elizabeth Tory

Jennifer Tory, C.M.

Gregory W. Tsang

Jane B. Underwood

Erol Uzumeri

Annette M. Verschuren, O.C.

Marcia Visser

Frederic Waks

Colin D. Watson

Michael Wekerle

John D. Wetmore

Dr. Blossom T. Wigdor, C.M.

William E. Wilder

Carol Wilding

Charles M. Winograd

Andrea L. Wood

Donald O. Wood

Dr. C. Stewart Wright, FRCSC

Marilyn P. Wright

Paul Zentil

Executive Team

Kelly Cole, President & Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Cole

Sunnybrook’s philanthropic community of donors and volunteers is essential to advancing the Hospital’s vision to invent the future of health care through life-saving innovation, research and care. As CEO and President of the Sunnybrook Foundation, Kelly works with the Hospital’s leadership team to align fundraising strategies with Sunnybrook’s priority initiatives; she builds connection between the community and the hospital to facilitate donor investment; and she leads the Foundation team in its mission to grow financial support for Sunnybrook. 

Kelly has an extensive background in academia and health-care fundraising and is recognized for her transformational leadership and success developing strong collaborative teams. As Vice-President, University Advancement, Western University, she played a lead role in the “Be Extraordinary” campaign, which surpassed its goal.  

Prior to Western University, Kelly was the President and CEO of West Park Healthcare Centre Foundation in Toronto. Kelly holds an MBA from Wilfrid Laurier University and an Honors Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.

Asha Raheja, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer

Asha Raheja

Asha leads the Foundation team in promoting a culture of sound fiscal responsibility and stewardship of resources.  She provides executive level governance and management oversight for financial planning, budgeting, reporting and accounting operations and controls. Asha is also responsible for guiding the human resources of the Foundation.

Passionate about delivering impact in mission driven organizations, Asha has more than 20 years of leadership experience in finance, information systems and operations in the not-for-profit and private sector. Her leadership style focuses on building high-performance teams, as well as creating collaborative and effective relationships with board members, senior volunteers and other stakeholders to achieve organizational goals.

Prior to joining the Sunnybrook Foundation, as Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation she was part of the senior management team that led the growth of annual net fundraising revenue, and successfully completed the “Billion Dollar Challenge” campaign ahead of schedule.

Ana-Maria Hobrough, Vice-President, Advancement

Ana- Maria Hobrough

Ana-Maria champions an integrated approach to encourage philanthropic investment, deepen our base of leadership support and grow donor impact over the long-term for Sunnybrook’s priority initiatives. She leads strategy for individual, institutional and legacy giving in partnership with the Foundation CEO, senior leadership teams, board members and volunteers. She fosters strong collaboration between the Foundation and Hospital, building upon a culture of philanthropy to achieve Sunnybrook’s vision of delivering the highest level of care, research and education.

Having served in a variety of leadership roles over 16 years at the University of British Columbia, Ana-Maria has a proven track record of mission-based transformations and redefining Canadian best practice for fundraising reporting, research and digital engagement. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia.

Christina Topp, Vice-President, Marketing & Community Engagement

Christina Topp

Christina provides leadership to the marketing, events and community giving portfolios.  Together, these teams assist Sunnybrook in its mission to invent the future of health care by raising awareness of the work of the Hospital and inspiring community support and giving.

Christina has over twenty years of experience in the non-profit sector spearheading initiatives that drive revenue, create sustainable partnerships and build brand reputation at national and local levels. She holds a MBA from the Schulich School of Business and an Honors Bachelor of Arts from the University of Guelph.