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How we're changing lives together.

Together, with your support, we are pioneering life-saving innovations that are changing patient outcomes. Here’s how:

What if cancer treatment could
have fewer side-effects?

It can. New treatment options destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue, limit painful side effects, and return patients to their daily lives more quickly.

Learn more about how new technology is helping pinpoint treatment

What if brain surgery didn’t
require a scalpel?

Sunnybrook is pioneering the use of focused ultrasound to treat brain disorders and cancers. We’re healing previously unreachable parts of the brain, and reducing risk of life-altering side-effects – no cutting required.

Learn about new research and treatment in brain disorders

What if the heart could be repaired
without open heart surgery?

It can. Through an innovative procedure called transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), heart patients not suited for open-heart surgery get a new life-saving option, and a chance at recovery.

Learn more about life-saving heart procedures

What if we could use 3D technology
to print new skin for burn patients?

It's possible. Our researchers are developing new technology to turn stem cells into new skin, eliminate painful skin graphs and help patients go home faster.

Discover how this breakthrough is helping patients heal

What if we could change the outcome
for critically-ill preterm babies?

We can. Sunnybrook’s Women & Babies Program is a world leader in at-risk births. At the heart of our practice is a family-centered approach to care that’s helping tiny babies thrive.

Discover how we’re helping babies win the fight to survive


In This Together for Sunnybrook

Stay home and double your impact!

You are already helping fight COVID-19 by staying home.

Here's an easy way to do even more.

Turn your virtual hangouts with friends and family into a fundraiser to support the fight against COVID-19!

Join In This Together for Sunnybrook.

Raise $150+ by June 26 to get a $15 Uber ride voucher!

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