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Learn how Fellows are changing the future of cardiac care.

Through the Cardiac Fellowship Program, the Schulich Heart Program is developing cardiology leaders of tomorrow. Highly skilled individuals from across Canada and the world come to Sunnybrook to train in a variety of specialities, becoming an essential part of caring for our heart patients.

Fellows have the opportunity to work with specialized teams like the SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection) Clinic, supporting individuals with this uncommon and underdiagnosed emergency condition through treatment, education, and long-term follow-up care. Additionally, there are opportunities to collaborate with other Sunnybrook Departments to improve quality of care, such as developing new imaging techniques with the Sunnybrook Research Institute to assist with cardiac interventions.

While building their skillset by performing procedures, teaching students, and participating in research initiatives, Fellows are changing the future of cardiac healthcare.

By investing in the Cardiac Fellowship Program, you are making an investment in saving lives.