Frequently asked questions

Organizing an event

Can you mail information about my event to Sunnybrook donors?

Sunnybrook Foundation cannot email or mail information to donors. However, the Sunnybrook event team would be happy to list your event on our online calendar.

Can you help me find sponsors for my event?

Sunnybrook Foundation can work with you to help brainstorm and come up with a list of appropriate sponsors for your event, but we cannot approach corporations or individuals on your behalf. The Foundation event team has information available for you on how to secure sponsorships, including sample sponsorship packages and ask letters.

Can you help me get media for my event? Can you send out a press release for me?

Unfortunately, Sunnybrook Foundation cannot promote or generate publicity for your event. The hospital contacts media for news about treatment, research and care initiatives only. We do however have resources available to you on how to generate media interest for your event as well as a sample press release template you can customize for your event. This information is available to you once you have registered online.

Can you pay my event expenses or forward me money to pay expenses?

Sunnybrook Foundation cannot make any payments or provide any funds to cover your event.

I just completed my event. When do I need to send in the funds from my event?

We kindly ask all event organizers send in the funds within 60 days of the event taking place in order to ensure proper stewardship of your supporters. Additionally, under Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines, in order for funds to be eligible for income tax receipting in any given calendar year, Sunnybrook Foundation must either have received the gift by the last business day of December or the gift must be postmarked prior to December 31st.

I would like to run a raffle at my event. Do I need a license?

Gaming and lotteries including bingos, 50/50 draws, gambling, raffles or games of chance often have special considerations that require permits. Please visit for more information.

Legally, all raffles must be registered with your local municipality. There is a processing time of approximately 8-10 weeks to receive a raffle license and your prize cannot change afterwards. Sunnybrook Foundation will not apply for a raffle license unless the net proceeds to the Foundation will meet or exceed $50,000.

We recommend that instead, you hold a Promotional Draw. You can run a draw without acquiring a license, but you must offer the tickets for free, asking instead for a donation for the ticket.

Sunnybrook Foundation will not endorse/support or accept donations from events that are not able to be licensed, specifically, gaming events such as poker.

Supporting an event

I recently heard about an event. How can I learn more about it?

Check out our online events calendar. If the event is not listed there, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to provide you with more information.


Tax receipts

Can I offer tax receipts for my event?

Sunnybrook Foundation is proud to be a leader in fundraising in Canada and is committed to following all rules and regulations regarding tax receipting set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This is also important to protecting our charitable status. It is very important that you understand the rules about tax receipts before you plan your event. Please read our tax receipting event guidelines.

If you intend on offering tax receipts, this must be approved by the Foundation event team, 30 days in advance of your event date. A representative will be assigned to you when your event is approved.

If I receive a $10 donation, is it eligible for a tax receipt?

All financial donations for $20.00 or more will be automatically issued a tax receipt by Sunnybrook Foundation in the calendar year in which they are received. For all donations less than $20.00, you must request a tax receipt be issued from the Foundation.

I purchased an item through a silent auction at an event. Do I receive a tax receipt?

Purchases of live or silent auction items, raffle tickets, event admission tickets or green fees are not eligible for tax receipts. Sunnybrook Foundation can issue tax receipts only to individuals or organizations that make a donation without receiving any product or tangible item in return.

I want to donate an item from my business. Do I receive a tax receipt?

As per Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines, Sunnybrook Foundation is able to provide "gift-in-kind" letters for the donations of goods from businesses or individuals. These letters can be used to support business promotion expenses. Gift-in-kind receipts will only be issued to individuals for material goods, if the goods are new and a receipt or invoice from the purchase accompanies the request for a receipt.

I was able to get a friend to design a website for my event for free and get free servers. Do they receive tax receipts?

Tax receipts cannot be issued for the costs of a donated service. This includes but is not limited to special services that necessitate hiring someone/thing for an event (e.g. tent set-up, website creation, graphic design or entertainment). We can however issue a thank you letter to acknowledge the donated service.

How do I get tax receipts for my sponsors?

Sponsorships are not eligible for charitable tax receipts, as the sponsor receives advertising, marketing or promotional value and therefore the payment is not a gift. Instead, sponsors can receive a business acknowledgment letter for the value of their sponsorship which can be used to support business expenses.

I have art I would like to donate. Do I get a tax receipt?

Gifts of artwork, wine, collectibles, or items of a unique nature must be accompanied by a recent independent appraisal, regardless of value. Gifts of art donated by artists and art dealers are seen as disposition from their inventory and therefore are not eligible for tax receipts. Please read our tax receipting event guidelines.

Online fundraising

Why should I register to fundraise online?

Fundraising online is an effective and simple way to reach your friends, family and colleagues and let them know you are supporting Sunnybrook.

Online fundraising means that you don't need to spend any time collecting cash or cheque donations. You can use email to solicit friends, family and colleagues for their support at any time.

Your friends and family can support you by simply clicking on the provided link and using any major credit card. They will receive an automatic electronic tax receipt, where eligible.

Patients who rely on Sunnybrook benefit greatly from online fundraising because of the cost effectiveness of this method. By reducing paper and postage costs there is a significant reduction in overhead costs.

How do I set up my personal fundraising page?

Set up your personal page here. You may want to bookmark this link as this is where you will login to edit and manage your personal fundraising page.

Then follow these five easy steps to register:

1. Select the "sign up" button.
2. Fill out your personal information. This includes contact information and will require you to create a username and password for your account.
3. Select your fundraising goal. This is how much you hope to raise through your event. Don't forget to aim high. Your friends and family will want to help you reach your goal.
4. You can now customize your page by adding photos, videos and personal messages.
5. Start fundraising! You can now send emails to friends and family asking for their support. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided – please check your junk mail folder if you do not see it. This email will provide you with a link to your personal fundraising page, as well as confirmation of your username.

Can a sponsor pay their sponsorship donation online?

All sponsorship money must be paid in cheque or cash. If you are planning on using the funds to cover your expenses, the cheque should be sent to and made payable to you.

How do I know how much money I have raised?

When you log in to your personal fundraising page, under the Fundraising tab, you will see a menu on the left- hand side. Under "Check results," you will see a total of online donations plus any offline donations you have manually entered.

How do I send emails to my friends asking them to support me?

When you log in to your personal fundraising page, under the Fundraising tab, you will see a menu on the left hand side. Under "Get sponsors" you will be able to send emails to friends, family and colleagues asking for their support. You can use our template email or personalize your own.

Can I change the template emails that I send to sponsors or for RSVP?

The emails are standard templates that cannot be modified, however, we encourage you to use the message box above each email to write in your own message. Using the emails sent from this system will make donation and RSVP – tracking easier.

How can I see who donated to me?

When you log in to your personal fundraising page, under the Fundraising tab, you will see a menu on the left-hand side. Under "Manage sponsors" you can view a list of your sponsors and their donations.

How do I add in donations (cash and cheques) that I receive in person?

When you log in to your personal fundraising page, under the Fundraising tab, you will see a menu on the left- hand side. Under "Manage cash and cheques" you will be able to record your offline donations so that your total results are always accurate. Please note that Sunnybrook Foundation is not able to enter in any offline donations on your behalf.

What if I forget my username or password?

If you forget your username, you can find it in your registration confirmation email. If you cannot locate the email, click on the "Forgot Your Username or Password" link on the sign-in page. Enter the email address you provided during registration and we will email your username.

If you forget your password, click on the "Forgot Your Username or Password" link on the sign in page. Enter your username and we will email you directions on how to reset your password.

Tip: usernames and passwords are case sensitive

What do I do if I have additional questions?

If you have any further questions, please contact us at Please make sure to state your question clearly and provide contact details so that a member of the Foundation team can follow up with you.