In this together for Sunnybrook

We are in this together!

Host a fundraiser to support Sunnybrook.

Become a member of our passionate community by hosting your very own fundraiser in support of Sunnybrook. Together, we can advance patient care, research and innovation when it matters most.

Every one of our community fundraisers has a story, a deep and personal reason to host or support a fundraiser. Your inspiring generosity will enable Sunnybrook experts to continue work in groundbreaking research and care initiatives that not only benefit patients here but around the world.

Be part of the Sunnybrook community and create your own fundraiser to make a real difference in the care program that is most meaningful to you. Your efforts will help Sunnybrook invent the future of healthcare – we are in this together!


How to get started

Start your fundraiser with these easy steps:

  1. Sign up — so we can connect with you to learn more about your fundraiser.
  2. Create a Sunnybrook fundraising page or Facebook fundraiser to collect donations.
  3. Launch your fundraising campaign and ask your network to donate.
  4. Share on social media using the hashtag #Together4Sunnybrook.
Get involved

With more than 11,000 staff, Sunnybrook is a mighty community all on its own. But inventing the future of health care takes something even more than the expertise, passion and commitment within our hospital’s walls.

It also takes you: members of the community to organize a community fundraiser in support of Sunnybrook.

When our extended community comes together to help raise awareness and support for Sunnybrook’s groundbreaking research, world-class programs and innovative technologies and therapies, something incredible happens: we gain the resources and the inspiration to change and save even more lives.

You can support the work of Sunnybrook in a variety of different ways, even from the comfort of your home. Host an online games night or turn your virtual hangouts into a fundraiser and ask your friends to donate the cost of a night out (consider $25 - $50).

Sunnybrook is here to help you! Our team will help you set up your fundraiser, brainstorm ideas and answer any questions you may have. We’ll be in touch shortly after you sign up.

How to create a Sunnybrook fundraising page
  1. Visit Sunnybrook Fundraising and click Create an Event.
  2. Accept the Waiver and click Next.
  3. Select create a personal fundraising page.
  4. Fill out your information and personalize your fundraising page.
How to create a Facebook Fundraiser
  1. Visit Facebook Fundraisers and click Select Non-profit.
  2. Search for Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Foundation (Toronto, Ontario) and select to begin setting up your fundraiser.
  3. Enter your campaign goal, end date, campaign name and description. You can also add your own campaign image or use the Sunnybrook banner.
    In This Together for Sunnybrook
  4. Click create to launch your campaign. Be sure to share the post to increase the number of people who will see it.

Download our Facebook Fundraiser how to guide.

Fundraising ideas

Together with Sunnybrook you can make a real difference with your fundraising. You can even host a fun gathering from the comfort of your home! Whether it’s over Zoom or in a small group you can turn your next social gathering into a fundraiser. Host a games night, watch a movie, lead a fitness class or try wine tasting, the options are endless! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Have a birthday coming up? Consider asking for donations instead of presents through Facebook fundraising!
  • Like games? Host a trivia night or play an online board game, the house party app has multiple virtual games you can try.
  • Consider starting a wave of momentum: Host a virtual party with five friends, nominate five more to host their own party and challenge everyone to donation at least $5.
  • Matching gift: Offer to match donations made from those who support you.
  • Miss going out for dinner or drinks: Host a virtual party and ask each guest to donate the cost of a night out or the price of their wine bottle.
**We kindly advise you to follow your local Public Health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19**

Why support Sunnybrook

Sunnybrook is world-renowned for providing the highest quality care and for teaching and research excellence across our key program areas. In each of these areas, we are raising funds to purchase the most advanced equipment, attract the best minds, and support leading-edge research and innovation.

Together with your help, we save lives.