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close up of a TriClip

Innovative procedure improves quality of life in patients with heart disease.

For patients with a faulty tricuspid valve, the flaps don’t close properly, causing blood to flow backward. The decreased blood flow to the body can lead to extreme fatigue, making even short walks or climbing stairs difficult, and in more serious cases, cause heart failure.

Sunnybrook’s Schulich Heart Program uses advanced valve repair and replacement technology, like the TriClip, to treat cases of valve failure through minimally invasive procedures. Using a small catheter to reach the heart through a blood vessel in the leg, the surgeon deploys the TriClip to clip the faulty flaps together, restoring blood flow. In the long-term, this intervention can reduce symptoms, improve survival, and help preserve heart muscle function.

When you support Tricuspid Interventions, you help patients get back to enjoying their usual activities.