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Virtual Impact Series 2021

Meet Sunnybrook experts at the forefront of research and innovation

From innovative technology to groundbreaking research and novel treatment methods – Sunnybrook experts have been inventing the future of health care for 75 years.

Hear from Sunnybrook experts who are transforming patient care today in the areas of mental health, bone and joint care and precision cancer medicine.

Explore our virtual sessions below.

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Mental Health Throughout the Life Cycle

Sunnybrook’s leading mental health experts discuss how their work will enhance our understanding and treatment of mental health for people of all ages and stages of life, from youths to adults to seniors.

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From the Hip: Innovations in Bone and Joint Care

A virtual discussion featuring bone and joint experts who are pioneering innovative techniques at Sunnybrook. From wearable devices and black box technology to AI-powered surgical modelling – Sunnybrook is changing the way we treat bone and joint conditions and injuries.

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Precision Care: Innovations in Radiation Oncology Research and Treatments

In this virtual discussion, radiation oncology experts share how they are pioneering innovative treatments that are more precise and less invasive. Join us to learn how Sunnybrook's leading-edge research and precision treatments are bringing the future of cancer care to patients today.