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ECHOage your birthday party

You can help your child give back to their community

ECHOage and Sunnybrook have teamed up to provide an exciting new kind of birthday party for children.

Through our partnership with ECHOage, Sunnybrook Foundation offers a program that gives children the joy of receiving the birthday gift of their choice, while also helping a charity of their choice. It's a powerful way to instill in children the value of giving back to their community.

Instead of receiving lots of little gifts, your party guests can donate to the charity that your child chooses from among the ECHOage partners. ECHOage takes care of all the details , donating half the funds to the chosen charity and sending the other half to your child to buy a meaningful gift.

In addition to helping a good cause, ECHOage also provides:

  • Free online birthday invitations
  • Secure gift and charity giving
  • Contribution tracker
  • RSVP manager

You can also send easy reminders and notes about updates or changes and thank your guests for their gift after the party is over.

Register your child’s party on EchoAge.

Here are some examples of children who have supported Sunnybrook through ECHOage:

Ella, Braeden and Raegan       Billie       Quinn

Visit to give your child an empowering birthday party!

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