There are many ways you can make a difference

There are many ways
you can make a difference

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Face to Face Program

Since 2010, Sunnybrook Foundation has been conducting face-to-face campaigns in communities across southern Ontario to gain new monthly supporters.

Monthly donations are a powerful way to make your support go further and save more lives by providing a steady and reliable source of income to Sunnybrook. Monthly support allows Sunnybrook to provide life-saving care at the most critical times.

As a monthly donor your benefits include:

  • Receive one annual tax receipt to make things convenient at income tax time.
  • A complimentary subscription to Sunnybrook Newsletter, issued twice a year.
  • Special communications, from time to time, with news about Sunnybrook and the impact of your monthly donations.

When you choose to become a Sunnybrook monthly donor you join an important group of individuals who have made the commitment to change outcomes and invent the future of healthcare.

Door-to-Door Canvassing Program

Sunnybrook Canvasser

Sunnybrook Foundation partners with Canadian leaders in door to door fundraising, to help us reach out to communities all across Southern Ontario who would like to support life-saving research and personalized patient care.

Our canvassers are compensated through an hourly wage with no commission. They receive training, which allows them to speak on behalf of Sunnybrook about our mission and fundraising program.

Zoom in to see if canvassers may be in your community. Map includes anticipated locations and is updated every two weeks.

Our Canvassers

Sunnybrook Canvasser

For security and recognition purposes, all Sunnybrook Foundation fundraisers wear a Sunnybrook branded shirt or vest, identification badges with their name and photo, and carry a mask they can wear at your request. They are also equipped with tablets in order to securely input your information and track their locations electronically. During the sign-up process, our canvassers will call the authorized verification centre at 1-866-619-8154 to process your donation.


Here are some common questions about Sunnybrook’s face-to-face program.

How do I know if a fundraiser at the door is from Sunnybrook Foundation?
For security and recognition purposes, all Sunnybrook Foundation fundraisers wear a Sunnybrook branded shirt or vest, identification badges (similar to below). They are also equipped with tablets in order to track their locations and securely process your donation electronically.
door to door
Do you accept cash gifts at the door?
Our canvassers will invite you to take part in the Foundation's monthly donation program and WILL NOT accept, nor ask for cash or personal cheques. We believe this helps to protect both the donor and fundraiser. If you wish to make a monthly gift please note that we will accept void cheques for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and credit card payments.
Is it safe to give personal and financial information to the fundraisers?
Yes, we use tablets with encrypted software to collect payment information in a secure way. All the data we collect is immediately uploaded to our remote servers, processed and then completely removed from the tablet. Your financial data is further encrypted according the Payment Compliance Industry (PCI) Standards before being submitted to us at the Foundation to process your gift.
Is my privacy protected?
Yes. Sunnybrook Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information and adheres to legislated privacy requirements. Any personal information we collect is used for donor-related and tax-receipting purposes, or to keep you informed about our activities and other mission-related communications. We do not sell, trade or rent out any names or personal information. Please see our privacy policy for details.
I live in a high-rise, do fundraisers have permission to be in our building?
No. Our vendors do not have permission to canvass in condos or apartment buildings.
I have signed up, but how do I know I am a monthly donor?
Thank you for joining us as a monthly donor! You will receive an email confirmation shortly after registering. If you choose to donate by credit card, your first gift will be processed at the door. If you prefer to give by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/Direct Debit), your first gift will be processed by the Sunnybrook Foundation within 7 business days.

New monthly donors will also receive a mailed and electronic version of our monthly welcome package depending if an email address was submitted at time of signing up. Please check your spam folder in case the email confirmation landed outside of your inbox.

You should receive your welcome package within one month of your sign up date. If you haven’t received any of the above please call us at 1-866-696-2008 or by email

What if I want to cancel or change my monthly giving details?
You can decrease, upgrade or cancel monthly gift at any time at, by phone at 1-866-696-2008 or by email at Any cancellations or changes made to a monthly donation will receive an email or phone call confirmation.
When and how will I receive my tax receipt?
An annual consolidated tax receipt will be issued in the New Year (every February) for all gifts made in the previous calendar year. Tax receipts are issued with your current mailing address and sent to the email address provided at the time of sign up. If there is no email address, we will send the tax receipt by regular mail.
I’ve moved since I signed up for my monthly donation – how do I let you know?
Please contact us at phone at 1-866-696-2009 or email with your new mailing address information at your earliest convenience.
Additional inquiries can be directed to Sunnybrook Foundation.

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