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Sunnybrook Foundation conducts telefundraising campaigns throughout the year with the primary focus of engaging with donors and providing updates on the latest research and new developments at the hospital. This is a cost-effective way to reach supporters and raise important funds for priority areas of the hospital that are not covered by the Government.

Telefundraising Team

Our campaigns are carried out by professional telefundraising agencies who adhere to all telemarketing guidelines set forward by the CRTC. The teams are well informed about Sunnybrook and its importance to the community.

How do I know if a fundraising call is legitimate?

Our partners, working on behalf of Sunnybrook Foundation, only contact people who have supported Sunnybrook. Calls can include a message of thanks after a donation is made, confirmation calls after a donation is made through face to face canvassing or to share exciting, new hospital research and innovations in patient care. The fundraising team will be able to respond to questions about the Foundation and, in most cases, will be able to provide details to supporters about their gift history upon request. Before or after a call, Sunnybrook occasionally sends a text message (SMS message) to supporters with updates on the latest research and developments at the hospital. Additionally, monthly supporters may be contacted through text message with updates on their gift. These messages come from numbers within Ontario area codes and look similar to the message below. To opt out of receiving future SMS messages, reply back to an SMS message with STOP or contact us via email at

Ryan, thank you for supporting Sunnybrook! Click to see how we are making the impossible possible and personalizing burn treatments.

Phone calls are primarily made from the following numbers:

  • 647-477-0460
  • 647-478-0397
  • 647-479-0299
  • 647-479-0492
  • 647-479-0268
  • 647-776-2627
  • 647-812-0223
  • 647-812-0224
  • 647-483-0127
  • 647-943-1063
  • 289-298-0415
  • 289-298-0421
  • 289-479-0156
  • 289-479-0215
  • 289-479-0216
  • 866-619-8154

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