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Explore these inspiring true stories of complex conditions, patient success, and medical firsts to see how Sunnybrook accomplishes the impossible.


Serena has lived with severe PTSD for decades. She has tried every available form of treatment, but nothing has worked. Until now. Serena is the first PTSD patient in Canada to be treated with deep brain stimulation.

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From micro-preemie to healthy bouncing baby boy. Born at 24 weeks and weighing a mere 1.8 lbs Arjan defied the odds with the support of his parents and Ontario’s most advanced neonatal unit at Sunnybrook.

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Prince was rushed to Sunnybrook when a fire engulfed his body. Forty surgeries, two amputations, and two years of extensive rehabilitation later, with Sunnybrook’s expertise and his indelible spirit, Prince accomplished his impossible.

Read Prince's Story


As her cancer spread to her brain, Salem knew she wanted to avoid whole-brain radiation at all costs. Sunnybrook's first-in-Canada precision radiation technology has made that possible. Read Salem’s story.

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Myla was 36 weeks pregnant with twins when doctors found a blood clot in her brain and told her family there was nothing they could do. That’s when the team from Sunnybrook stepped in.

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