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Construction of the Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre is underway thanks to donor support.

With the generosity of our community, Sunnybrook is revolutionizing the future of brain and mental health care through the construction of the Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre. In this first-of-its-kind centre, we will redefine how care is delivered in one coordinated space. We will unite experts across diverse areas of expertise to advance our understanding and approaches to the most devastating brain disorders of our time.

The new Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre will support the Murphy Family Centre for Mental Health, the Harquail Centre for Neuromodulation, Ontario’s first Circadian Sleep Centre and several multidisciplinary clinics.

In November 2020, Sunnybrook held a symbolic ground breaking with the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Health. Momentum continued through the winter months with critical site preparation and civil engineering work. Then in summer 2021, the concrete form work started to breathe life into the building, giving it shape and sparking excitement across the campus. In 2023, we plan to welcome our first patients, opening a new chapter in our community’s history.

Here’s what a few staff members said about how your support will integrate and improve care in the new Garry Hurvitz Brain Sciences Centre:

“The major brain afflictions of our time – mood disorder, stroke and dementia – are all interrelated. Understanding and treating them with meaningful collaboration among specialties in the same building will amplify our continued drive for novel interventions for patients.”
Dr. Anthony Levitt
Chief, Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program

“Connecting experts from diverse scientific disciplines, and specialties in brain medicine – such as neurology, psychiatry, geriatrics, neuropsychology, imaging, neuropharmacology, neurorehabilitation – will foster partnerships and help our research teams collectively generate leading-edge solutions to personalize care and optimize quality of life.”
Dr. Sandra Black, OC, O.Ont., Research Director, Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program, and Scientific Director, Dr. Sandra Black Centre for Brain Resilience & Recovery

“Our Day Treatment Program for youth, called Fresh Start, is already a highly effective multidisciplinary team – in some ways it's been a good example of how getting a bunch of different disciplines under one roof can result in extraordinary benefit for patients! In addition to increased integration for our Day Treatment Program, I’m looking forward to being able to work in a facility that matches our level of expertise.”
Dr. David Kreindler, Head, Division of Youth Psychiatry

“The work we do is strongly multidisciplinary, relying on close collaboration between different specialties, from neurosurgery, neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, radiology and others. This close partnership ensures that we tackle these complex diseases, from brain cancer to depression, from every possible angle, to optimize care and develop new treatments.”
Dr. Nir Lipsman, Director, Harquail Centre for Neuromodulation

“We have been in need of increased capacity for clinical care and research for many years. The new centre will really support the amazing work that is being done by our teams... Our patients and staff will benefit from the new space with natural light and areas such as patient classrooms, an exercise facility, and private rooms.”
Dr. Amy Cheung, youth psychiatrist

“Sleep is a fundamental behavior that influences brain and mind function. Disorders of the brain and mind can cause significant sleep disruption, and treatment of sleep disorders can improve psychological and neurological performance. Working together will allow us to consider these complex interrelationships up front – to the benefit of discovery of new knowledge, and most importantly to maximize outcomes for our patients.”
Dr. Brian Murray, Head, Division of Neurology

“I look forward to working in an environment where patients can heal and recover from their illness; where the design, colours and furniture are uplifting and healing. Patients will have access to indoor and outdoor space, which will improve their mental well-being.”
Jackie Griffin-White, Patient Care Manager, Inpatient Mental Health

“Psychiatry and neurology have a longstanding history with many arbitrary divisions. A centre that bridges these gaps and focuses on the brain rather than historic disciplines helps to reduce stigma and facilitate appropriate cross-disciplinary care. I look forward to working in a centre that purposely lowers the walls between these disciplines and facilitates clinical work and research across the brain sciences.”
Dr. Matthew Burke, Cognitive Neurologist

“A well-planned space will accommodate more patients and staff as the needs have increased over the years. It will allow for enhanced workflow for staff members.”
Hema Bhatt, Clinical Department Manager, Psychiatry

Your support is revolutionizing how we treat brain and mental health. Thank you for helping Sunnybrook invent the future of health care.

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