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Hip Fracture

Operation Day

Sunnybrook is a Regional Trauma Centre providing service to a large portion of northern and eastern Ontario. This means that your surgery may be delayed or cancelled if a trauma patient needs life saving surgery. This may happen more than once and can be frustrating for you. If this happens, everything possible will be done to rebook your surgery and make you comfortable until you go to the operating room. Sometimes surgery may also be delayed while waiting for medical tests to be done. These tests are important to ensure your safety.

When it is time for your surgery, you will be taken to the operating room either in your bed or on a stretcher. You will wear a hospital gown. All jewelry, glasses, dentures and contact lenses will be taken off before you go. Please have your family members take your valuables home.

Your family may wait in the waiting room in A wing on the 1st floor, room 48 (A148).

The operation usually lasts one to two hours. After surgery you will be moved to the recovery room for a few hours until you are fully awake. You will then be brought back to your room - this may take several hours.

  • You will continue to be given medicine for pain and nausea as required.
  • The IV will still be in place.
  • You may have a catheter in your bladder to drain urine.
  • There may also be an oxygen tube at your nose.
  • You will have an incision (cut in the skin) over your hip about six to ten inches long. A large bandage will cover the incision. The incision is held together by metal clips or staples that are to be taken out 10-14 days after surgery.
  • You will be allowed to take sips of fluid when you awaken after surgery.
  • Your vital signs i.e. blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and your bandage will be checked regularly.

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