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Hip Fracture

Post operative Day 1 and 2

  • You will continue to be given medicine for pain and nausea as required. Blood thinners may also be provided.

    Good pain control is very important to your recovery and will allow you to move and get out of bed. Please let the nurses know if your pain control is not adequate.
  • The IV, the catheter and the oxygen will be discontinued when suitable. 
  • You will be progressed to a regular diet.  
  • You will be helped to sit up at the edge of the bed and then to stand up holding onto a walker for support. Depending on the type of surgery you had, you may or may not be allowed to put weight through (step on) your operated leg. The doctor, nurse and physiotherapist will let you know. You will progress to walking to the bathroom, as you are able.  
  • You will be encouraged to do as much of your personal care as you are able.  
  • You will be encouraged to take deep breaths, to cough and to pump your feet and toes up and down every hour. These exercises help to prevent  complications  
  • Discharge planning will continue. Social work will confirm application to our rehabilitation partners where suitable consistent with the Hip Fracture Project
    If you are to be discharged home, you may need to purchase or rent equipment i.e. walker, bath bench, raised toilet seat.  The health care team will help you with this. You may, as well, be visited by a “Home Care Coordinator”.

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