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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

What happens during the operation?

  • While you are asleep under anaesthesia, your doctor will make a small cut (incision) under your belly button, as well as 2-3 other small cuts in your abdomen (please see diagram of possible sites).
  • In order to expand your abdominal cavity to make it easier to see, carbon dioxide gas is inserted.
  • A hollow instrument, a trocar, will be inserted and a laparoscope (a thin metal tube connected to a light source and camera) is placed inside of it.

  • Your doctor will use the laparoscope to look at your internal organs and tissues.
  • Next, your uterus will be freed from its support structures and, if your tubes and ovaries are to be removed, they will also be identified and detached.
  • Once all the tissue is removed, the area is inspected and your incisions are closed. A urinary catheter will be inserted into your urethra. 

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