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Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

What activities should I avoid?

  • Smoking reduces your blood’s ability to carry oxygen to your tissues.  Tissues need oxygen to heal. Try to quit or restrict your smoking.
  • Avoid anything that places a strain on your abdominal area, including exercises such as sit-ups and aerobics, for approximately 6 weeks.
  • Avoid standing for long periods, heavy lifting (anything more than 10 lbs.), moving furniture, or tasks such as vacuuming, hanging wet laundry, ironing, shopping, and gardening for approximately 6 weeks.
  • Remember that grocery bags and children are heavy. Rather than picking the children up, sit down and have them climb up beside you.  Try having your groceries delivered.  Ask for help.
  • Do not have sexual intercourse for approximately 4-6 weeks after your operation.
  • Ask your doctor when it is safe for you to resume the above activities, including when it is safe to drive a motor vehicle again.

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