About genitourinary care

Our program offers one of the largest, highly specialized genitourinary cancer care teams in Canada.

Patients, families, and visitors

Find more information about your prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular cancer, our services, clinical trials and resources.
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Health care professionals

Learn how to refer your patients, find out about fellowship opportunities, and more.
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Our group represents a centre of excellence in the treatment of prostate, bladder, kidney and testicular cancer. We have expert providers in surgery (urologic oncology), radiation treatments (radiation oncology), chemotherapy regimens (medical oncology), cancer nursing, and social work to provide a comprehensive care for our patients.

In addition, our research reinvents the way healthcare is performed and spans the research spectrum: from discoveries at the basic science level to clinical trials that revolutionize care and lead to optimal practice patterns and outcomes for all Ontarians.

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