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Message from the Vice-President, Research

Michael Julius

Impact: That is the best way to summarize the past year at Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI).

As a hospital-based research institute, making discoveries and getting them to patients is what drives us. We are committed to achieving an “end-to-end” solution. To do this, we need partners. Last year saw the establishment of two multimillion-dollar partnerships garnered by the scientific excellence of our researchers. Both fall within the framework of image-guided therapeutics, an area in which we lead.

One is a $25-million investment to develop technology that will revolutionize radiation therapy. On-beam magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided radiation delivery promises to get cancer patients treated within days, not months, and reduce treatment length from months to weeks, all while lessening damage to healthy tissue.

The other is a $41-million investment involving 29 private sector partners, which will accelerate the commercialization of SRI medical inventions to the global marketplace.

Both of these projects will ensure that the SRI discovery pipeline remains deep and broad, and will help us move forward in our goal to make care better.

To wit, the Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee provided a strong positive recommendation for the use of MRI-guided ultrasound, pioneered by an SRI scientist in collaboration with industry and clinicians here, to treat uterine fibroids. This incision-less technology transforms a month-long ordeal into an outpatient procedure.

We have many more examples of impact: new advances, new inventions, new solutions for patients. We share some of these with you in this issue of our magazine, which has a special focus on the translational research of the Schulich Heart Program. Enjoy!

Michael Julius
Vice-President, Research
Sunnybrook Research Institute & Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Professor, Departments of Immunology & Medical Biophysics
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto