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Message From the Vice-President, Research

Michael Julius

Our mandate at Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is make discoveries and achieve clinical impact-and we're doing it.

Imagine replacing today's model of generalized therapy for all patients with one that treats disease precisely, guided by knowing how a patient will respond based on his or her genetic makeup and medical history. Add to that being able to tell if a therapy is working within weeks, not months, so that doctors can adjust it as quickly, if needed. This is the future. We're making it happen.

We're doing so by developing gene-screening technologies to identify "druggable" disease targets, and inventing imaging tools able to visualize what was once invisible, guide therapy delivery and monitor outcomes, thereby achieving what was "impossible": incisionless surgery.

Our new structure makes possible this work. Our discovery platforms in biological, evaluative clinical and physical sciences collapse barriers among fields and are tethered to the hospital's clinical programs, ensuring efficient translation of results.

Moving discoveries into the clinic is a high-cost, high-risk endeavour that needs private sector support. Our government funders appreciate this and have created enabling partnership programs. We lead in capitalizing on these programs. Last year, the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario made a multimillion-dollar investment, one of its largest, in SRI and our company partners. With it, we are developing and commercializing new technologies-the only way to get results to patients.

Welcome to this year's SRI Magazine. We hope you enjoy the stories that aim to share with you our passion for medical science-what we're doing, why it matters and the global impact of SRI discoveries.

Michael Julius
Vice-President, Research
Sunnybrook Research Institute
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre 

Professor, Departments of Immunology and Medical Biophysics
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto