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Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics

Precise. Personalized. Noninvasive. The future of health care is here.

At the Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics (CeRIGT) at Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI), scientists and clinicians are working together to develop new and better ways to detect, diagnose and treat some of the most complex health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders, immune deficiencies, stroke and dementia. The $160-million centre is unique in its focus and scope. Here's a glimpse of what our research teams are doing:

  • Inventing noninvasive technology capable of disrupting the blood-brain barrier just long enough to deliver targeted gene or drug therapy deep into previously inaccessible regions of the brain, for example to treat Alzheimer's disease or brain cancer.

  • Engineering novel medical devices, such as one that will allow a doctor to navigate through a blocked blood vessel in 3-D under image guidance. These devices, built in Canada's only hospital-based device development lab, will be commercialized, thus benefiting patients and providing countless training and employment opportunities.

  • Creating high-intensity focused ultrasound devices that are paired with magnetic resonance imaging so that doctors can do "surgery" without cutting through skin. This technology is being evaluated in clinical trials to treat uterine fibroids, cancer that has spread to the spine, brain tumours and essential tremor.

  • Designing cell-based therapies to treat cancer, restore brain function, heal burns and wounds, and rebuild immune systems devastated by HIV, cancer or the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

  • Mining a unique, in-house-built database of MR breast screening images to "train" a computer system to find abnormalities and decide whether these are cancer.

The Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics encompasses the full range of translational research: from fundamental work done in the lab and preclinically, to clinical testing with patients, to evaluation of outcomes and back again. We invite you to explore the science of CeRIGT by visiting the facilities below. 


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