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About SRI

Research building


  • Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is a fully affiliated research and teaching hospital with the University of Toronto.
  • Research spans three Toronto-based campuses: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Holland Centre and St. John's Rehab.
  • Total research funding for 2018/2019 was $109 million.
  • Research space at Sunnybrook comprises 250,000 square feet, including 150,000 square feet for the world's first Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics.
  • Recognized as a Centre of Excellence by the Focused Ultrasound Foundation, the first site in Canada—and one of only seven in the world—to receive this honour. Sunnybrook has one of the most comprehensive and successful focused ultrasound research programs in the world, with technical, scientific and clinical experts accelerating progress in the field.

Research personnel

  • SRI has more than 300 scientists and clinician-scientists.
  • In total, SRI has 1,309 research staff. Working with scientists are 573 highly skilled biomedical and research personnel, and 457 postdoctoral fellows and other trainees.
  • All scientists at SRI teach at the University of Toronto, within the faculty of medicine.
  • Eight SRI researchers hold Canada Research Chairs.
  • Three SRI scientists hold departmental chairs at U of T: one in each of anesthesia, immunology and medical imaging.


There are three scientific platforms:

Scientists at SRI work in one of nine clinical research areas, corresponding to Sunnybrook’s programs:

Fact sheet

Download the Sunnybrook Research Institute Fact Sheet for more information, including details on large-scale capital research projects, partnerships, and commercialization.