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Clinical Impact through Innovation Expo 2019

When: Thursday, February 7, 2019

Room: McLaughlin Auditorium, E-wing, ground floor, room EG61

Practice-based research and Innovation (PBRI) at Sunnnybrook and the Alternative Funding Plan (AFP) Innovation Fund are pleased to our 4th Annual Clinical Impact Through Innovation Expo happening on Thursday, February 7 2019. The purpose of the Expo is to provide an opportunity for health professionals to share and learn about the results and impact of quality improvement and research.

Registration is free and includes light breakfast, lunch and door prizes! All presenters must register. All are welcome to attend; clinical and non-clinical team members from all interprofessional teams including students and trainees.

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2019 Keynote Speaker

Donny Cheung, PhD, Senior Software Engineer, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Google Cloud

“Healthcare in the Age of Algorithms: Creating disruption without disrupting care”

Very little of the modern world has been left untouched by the Age of Algorithms. Technologies like machine intelligence, ubiquitous cloud computing, data warehousing and analytics and distributed sensor networks have revolutionized the way information is used, processed and applied to almost every aspect of our lives. Yet, in healthcare, the algorithmic drive towards optimization and efficiency has seen very uneven adoption. In this talk, I’ll highlight some of the ways that these technologies have already impacted the various data domains within healthcare, some of the potential upcoming innovations on the horizon, and share a vision of both the amazing possibilities and potential pitfalls of a world where the patient experience is ultimately reduced to data.