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How to prepare for consolidation chemotherapy

Plan ahead:

  • You must have someone living with you during treatment and after treatment is done until you feel better. This can be a family member, friend or a personal support worker.
  • You must be able to get to Sunnybrook hospital every day during your treatment phase.
  • You must be able to get to Sunnybrook Hospital 2 times a week during your recovery phase.
  • If you live in Barrie, Newmarket or the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) you may be able to have your recovery phase closer to your home. Ask a member of your health care team if this is an option for you.
  • If you cannot get to Sunnybrook on your own, Canadian Cancer Society has a program called Wheels of Hope that can help eligible patients and one family member or friend get to the hospital for their appointments. An annual fee is required. For more information and to register call 1-800-263-6750. You must request a ride a minimum of three business days prior to your appointment and can request rides one month in advance. Rides are not guaranteed and therefore you may need to make alternative arrangements.
  • You must live 30 minutes or less away from a hospital emergency department.
  • You must have a thermometer at home.
  • You must get your prescriptions filled before you start your treatment.
  • To fill your prescriptions, visit the Sunnybrook Hospital Pharmacy located on M6 (M-wing, 6th floor) or at the Odette Cancer Centre Pharmacy located on T1 (T-wing, 1st floor). Bring your private insurance information if you have it.
  • You may also use a pharmacy near your home. If you plan on going to another pharmacy, give them your prescription as early as possible. They may not have cancer-related medicines in stock.

What to bring to your chemotherapy appointments

  • The medicines you are currently taking. Bring a list of your medicines or bring your pills in their original labelled bottles.
  • All of the medicines that you have been told to take for your consolidation treatment. A nurse or pharmacist will tell you when to take them.
  • Your OHIP card
  • Your red Sunnybrook hospital card
  • Meals and snacks for the day. Bring foods with mild smells. Strong smells can sometimes make other patients feel sick. The clinic provides free juice and cookies.
  • Something to do. Your appointments may be very long. You may want to bring a book or computer or tablet with headphones to keep you busy. There is free wireless internet available in the hospital.
  • One family member or friend for support/company can sit with you in the treatment area. If you have more than one person, they can wait in the waiting room.
  • Someone to drive you home. It is not safe to drive after the appointment. Some medicines will make you feel sleepy.