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About hematology 

We provide patient care for blood cancers and diseases. We are a team of hematologists, medical and radiation oncologists, laboratory physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and other health professionals who work together to provide patient and family-centered care.

We are leaders in clinical research and are actively involved in supporting patients in the management of disease. We research new treatments and stem cell transplants. Our leadership is recognized in the development of treatment policies and provincial guidelines on clinical care.

About us

Who we see »

We see patients with a wide variety of blood diseases. Our main focus is the treatment of blood-related cancers: lymphomas, stem cell disorders including leukemia, and myeloma and related conditions. We also provide support to patients from our community with undifferentiated and benign blood disorders. A physician referral is required in order for a new patient to be seen at our centre.

Our team members »

  • Neil Berinstein
  • Rena Buckstein
  • Jeannie Callum
  • Matt Cheung
  • Lisa Chodirker
  • Signy Chow
  • Zeina Ghorab
  • Kevin Imrie
  • Yulia Lin
  • Lee Mozessohn
  • Larry Paszat
  • Gena Piliotis
  • David Spaner
  • Mary Tsao
  • John Wong

Specialized clinics »

  • Cutaneous Lymphoma
    Our Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic treats patients with (or who are suspected of having) lymphomas of the skin. These cancers of the immune system involving the skin are rare and require interprofessional treatment from Hematologists, Dermatologists, radiation oncologist as well as expert nursing. We offer the latest in phototherapies, topical and systemic chemotherapies and other therapies for symptom control. Expert dermatologists and pathologists staff this clinic.
  • Complex malignant hematology »
  • Myelodysplasia program 
    We are an internationally renowned program dedicated to research and clinical trials in myelodysplastic syndromes. In this group of cancers, immature blood cells in the bone marrow don’t mature and thus do not become healthy blood cells.

    We study the biology of the disease in order to better define new targets for treatments to test in the clinic and to refine prognosis so that we can identify the patients most likely to benefit. The goal of our studies is to improve blood counts, reduce transfusion dependence, improve quality of life and maximize survival.

Clinical Trials »

We are active in clinical trials. Find out more here.


Advice for patients coming to see us for the first time »

Your first appointment can be a stressful and uncertain time for you and your family. Our team is here to help you. Please write down any questions that you may have so that you can discuss them at your appointment.

Here is some additional information about your first visit.

Patient Education and Resources »

Treatment policies »

For referring doctors »

A physician referral is required


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