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Screening tool for early identification of bloodstream infection in patients 65 years of age and older

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This calculator estimates the probability that an older patient (at least 65 years of age) has a bloodstream infection.

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In the validation cohort of 486 patients, this tool had a sensitivity of 77%, specificity of 89%, and accuracy of 81%.

Formula: Ln (Odds of Bloodstream Infection) = -150.299 + 3.751(Tmax; °C) + 0.654(PMN;x109/L) + 0.452(Δ LOC) + 0.307(BUN; mmol/L) + 0.154(Glucose; mmol/L) + 0.038(Albumin; g/L) + 0.005(ALT; U/L)

Walker SAN et al. Development and validation of a screening tool for early identification of bloodstream infection in older patients - a retrospective case-control study. BMC Geriatrics 2020;20:6.