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Genitourinary Cancer


Our website has been designed to enhance the interpretation of PSA over time in patients managed with active surveillance for favorable risk localized prostate cancer. Basic patient information including age, Gleason score, and sequential PSA values over time are input.

The website calculates the PSA kinetics over time, including PSA doubling time and velocity. More critically, it compares the PSA kinetics in an individual patient, corrected for baseline PSA, Gleason score, and age, to the large cohort of patients on active surveillance at Sunnybrook.

These patients have been segregated into 2 groups over time: The stable group, representing about 60% of the cohort, have demonstrated no evidence of clinical or pathologic progression. The 'reclassified' group have been treated radically based on either PSA progression or grade progression during follow up. No patient in the stable group has developed metastases or died of prostate cancer. By comparing an individual patient's rate of PSA progression with the PSA kinetics of the population, rational interpretation of the change in PSA over time is facilitated.

We encourage physicians to register with this website. This can be done easily by emailing Alexandre Mamedov . By registering, physicians will be enabled to store individual patient data on the site database under a secure password and unique patient identifier. This data will be visible only to the registered owner of the data and the webmaster. This data will eventually be incorporated into a large active surveillance database.

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