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Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion Handbook

What's in this handbook?

This guide is for you and your family to use during your recovery from your concussion.

We would like to help you understand what happens when you have a concussion and why you feel the way you do. We would also like you to know what to expect during your recovery process and give you some useful tips to help you feel better and get back to your normal activities. Learning about concussion and what to expect will help you improve your overall health and recovery.

The information in this handbook is divided into three parts. You can look through each section of the online handbook using the navigation tabs. Take your time reading the parts that are most important for you right now.

Using this handbook

This guide is for people age 18 and older. This guide is a resource that is given to patients and families at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. We hope this information will be helpful to you.

The information in this handbook is for educational purposes.  It may not apply to everyone, and it does not replace medical advice. If you have questions about your symptoms and recovery please see your doctor or health care provider. If you think you may have a concussion, see a medical doctor.

Handbook development and sources

The information in this handbook is based on the knowledge and clinical experience of team members of the traumatic brain injury clinic and trauma and emergency team at Sunnybrook, and up to-date evidence and research about mild traumatic brain injury and concussion.

Last updated March 2019

This resource was created with Patient & Family input