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Health care professionals

Why refer to Sunnybrook?

Sunnybrook's Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program offers comprehensive care among three major themes: stroke, dementias and mood and anxiety disorders.

Our program brings together teams within medicine as well as interdisciplinary health professionals in clinical care, research and teaching.


We offer comprehensive neurological evaluation, rapid diagnostics, risk factor education and counseling, linkages to stroke, health promotion and community re-engagement services.
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To refer:
  • Phone: 416-480-4473
  • Fax: 416-480-5753

Dementia and neurodegenerative disorders

If you think you have a memory problem, you need to see your family doctor.  Some family doctors manage memory problems and dementia care with their patients. If she or he feels it is more appropriate to refer you to a specialist, ask her or him to fax a referral to one of the following options:

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Family doctor fax referral to:

For a memory problem:

  • Fax: 416-480-4552
  • What to expect: Assessment by a cognitive neurologist, followed by a doctor who specializes in memory. 

For a memory problem, in addition to a medical or behavioural problem:

  • Fax: 416-480-5375
  • What to expect: Assessment by three specialists in cognitive neurology, geriatrics and psychiatry. This process involves a shorter assessment by each specialist.

These referrals are reviewed and prioritized so the more information we receive from your family doctor, the better for us to process. If your doctor is unsure which of the two clinics above to refer you to, it will be decided for you by our staff.

If a patient has already developed a form of dementia and is homebound, there are specific areas we can refer you to.

What can I expect will take place once I have an appointment with one of your dementia specialists?

After your referral is assessed, you will have an initial consultation with the specialist, who will go through specialized testing and will ask you questions about your health and family history, your experiences, and sometimes you will be referred for imaging tests to help with diagnosis and care plans.

The specialist will discuss your condition with you and what the best approach to care and treatment may be for you and your family, and will communicate back with your family doctor.

Mood and anxiety disorders

Our compassionate and highly skilled experts in mental health continuously strive to create new and unique approaches to patient care, innovative research and educational excellence. 

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The Harquail Centre for Neuromodulation at Sunnybrook is investigating minimal- and non-invasive technology to target pathways in the brain that are at the root of the most common and challenging brain disorders including: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS, essential tremor, major depression, OCD, and others. 

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