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About your hospital stay

  • Admission »

    Information about what to bring if you are admitted to the hospital.

  • Bring your own device (BYOD) program »

    Sunnybrook's corporate entertainment strategy is now known as BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device).

  • Discharge / Going Home »

    Discharge time from the hospital is 11 am. A family member or friend should take you home after your stay.

  • Healthcare Teams »

    Sunnybrook uses a team approach to delivering healthcare. This means that patients are examined and treated by a variety of medical professionals rather than a single doctor.

  • Mail »

    Relatives and friends may send mail clearly marked with the patient's full name and room number to the applicable campus / location.

  • Medical alarm service »

    Sunnybrook Lifeline is an easy-to-use medical alarm service that is designed to reduce the risk of living alone or managing a medical condition.

  • Parking »

    Information about parking, including rates and lot locations.

  • Patient meals »

    Patient Food Services is focused on serving quality meals that are planned to meet patients’ needs.

  • Preferred Accommodation – Frequently Asked Questions »

  • Room accommodations  »

    Staff work hard to assist you in your requests for semi-private or private accommodation. Medical need is the first priority when assigning rooms.

  • Surgical Services »

    Learn what you can do to prepare for surgery at Sunnybrook Hospital.

  • Telephones »

    Information about our bedside telephone service.

  • Your privacy »

    Learn about how we collect and use personal health information, and read our pledge to protect your information.

  • Your safety »

    In case of emergency while on the Sunnybrook campus, call 5555. This number is reserved for life threatening or personal safety issues only. State the nature of your emergency and provide your location so that help can be dispatched to you quickly.