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Women holding their baby
Hospital  >  Care Programs  >  DAN Women & Babies Program  >  Pregnancy, Birth & Newborn Information  >  Mother and baby care  >  You and your baby: A printable guide for parents

You and your baby: A printable guide for parents

Sunnybrook's DAN Women & Babies Program supports Family Centred Care and respects the important role of families. We respect different family lifestyles, beliefs, values and cultures.

This guide will provide information and resources aimed at helping you to make informed decisions. Your questions are important. While you are in hospital please feel free to ask nursing staff and your healthcare provider (doctor, midwife or nurse practitioner). If you have questions after you leave the hospital ask your healthcare provider and/or public health nurse.

This guide provides you with a summary of what you will have been taught by your health care providers or a reminder of what you already know.

Download the PDF (printable) version of the guide

Web version

All of the information in the You and Your Baby guide can be found throughout the DAN Women & Babies section of the Sunnybrook website.