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MENU Serous Carcinoma

Serious Carcinoma
Serious Carcinoma
Serious Carcinoma

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Serous carcinoma is a rare subtype of endocervical adenocarcinomas and is much less common than its endometrial counterparts. Therefore, whenever serous carcinoma is diagnosed on a cervical biopsy, it is more likely to represent a serous carcinoma from endometrial origin with secondary involvement of the cervix and the diagnosis of primary cervical serous carcinoma is made on a surgical specimen. Cervical serous carcinoma has identical morphological features as serous carcinoma arising in the endometrium or elsewhere in the female genital tract. The immunophenotylinpe of cervical serous carcinomas is also similar to the immunoprofile of their endometrial counterparts and differs from conventional types of cervical adenocarcinomas: serous carcinoma of the cervix tends to be positive for p53 and negative for estrogen receptors and CEA (Ref. 1 and 2). The origin of cervical serous carcinoma is uncertain. We have described a lesion (AIS-serous type) morphologically similar to Endometrial Intraepithelial Carcinoma (EIC), the precursor lesion of endometrial serous carcinoma, and suggested it represents a potential precursor to cervical serous carcinoma (Ref. 3). High risk HPV-DNA has also been identified is some cases and raises the possibility that HPV is a causative factor in the carcinogenesis (Ref. 4).


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