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Integrated and Core Laboratories

The Integrated and Core Laboratories operates a number of high-volume routine and specialized esoteric laboratories, providing high quality, integrated diagnostic support and therapeutic monitoring services to all clinical programs and departments of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. It also provides technical and professional coverage for the Holland Centre as well as the Women’s College Hospital laboratory. In addition, the Integrated and Core Laboratories acts as a referral laboratory, providing esoteric testing for community hospitals, government and research contracting agencies and various private laboratories services in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout central Ontario.

Within the Department, the Division of Biochemistry offers services in routine diagnostic testing and esoteric chemistries, including immunology, tumour markers, neonatal chemistry, and endocrinology. In Hematology, a wide array of special and routine diagnostics is provided and specialty areas include hemoglobinopathy screening, coagulation and anticoagulation diagnostics, and flow cytometry. Both divisions provide testing expertise in molecular diagnostics. In total, the department generates approximately 4.5 million tests per year across three hospital sites.

The Integrated and Core Laboratories fosters an integrative approach to diagnostics and encourages its staff to develop new and innovative approaches to laboratory medicine. A fundamental goal is the provision of sufficient resources to support a critical mass of expertise and experience to offer the widest possible variety of complex and routine testing. The Department is recognized for its continued excellence in providing an academic milieu that supports and encourages training, continuing education and research, all active areas of scholarly endeavour. This, in addition to providing expert consultative services to community-hospital partnerships and their physicians, makes our Department a regional hub for academic laboratory medicine and a centre of excellence for diagnostic chemistry and hematology services for patient care


Departmental Chief Dr. Marciano Reis 416-480-4066
Deputy Chief & Head, Division of Biochemistry & Genetics Dr. David E. C. Cole 416-480-6100 (x89572)
Acting Manager, Chemistry Ms. Tammie Taylor 416-480-6100 (x7128)
Acting Manager, Hematology Ms. Jacqueline King 416-480-4299
Laboratory Manager, Preanalytics & Lab Information Systems Ms. Suzanne Waldman 416-480-6100 (x4903)
Medical Biochemist Dr. Mark Cheung 416-480-6100 (x4991)
Clinical Biochemist Dr. Pak Chan 416-480-6100 (x2688)
Clinical Biochemist Dr. Lei Fu 416-480-6100 x89571)
Hematopathologist Dr. Mina Jamali 416-480-4042
Hematologist, Coagulation Laboratory Dr. Rita Selby 416-480-6100 (x4426)
Phlebotomy Supervisor (SB, WCH, HC) Ms. Anne Marie Phillips 416-480-6100 (x7670)
Quality Assurance Officer Ms. Janice Wong 416-480-6100 (x7533)
Senior Technologist (Biochemistry - SB) Ms. Athina Brouzas 416-480-6100 (x89579)
Senior Technologist (Biochemstiry - SB, WCH) Ms. Monika Hetzler 416-480-6100 (x4227)
Senior Technologist (Biochemistry -SB) Ms. Bonny Lem-Rasognig 416-480-6100 (x2862)
Senior Technologist (Hematology - SB, WCH) Ms. Elaine Pedro 416-480-6100 (x1265)
Senior Technologist (Hematology - SB) Ms. Cynthia Smith 416-480-6100 (x1265)
Senior Technician (SB) Ms. Susan Baeshka 416-480-6100 (x89593)