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Point of Care Testing

Point of Care Testing (POCT) includes diagnostic tests performed on clinical specimens using analytical devices, kits and instruments that are outside the physical facility of the laboratories and are close to the site where clinical care is delivered. Other terms used to describe POCT are bedside testing, near-patient testing, ancillary testing, decentralized testing, and patient-focused testing.

The Laboratory provides policies, processes, procedures and the administrative structure to oversee the POCT. POCT strives to ensure best practice in patient care and compliance with the appropriate Ministry of Health and Long Term Care quality assurance standards in a cost-effective manner.

POCT is achieving greater prominence in health care delivery. This is due to changes in the delivery of health care, economic considerations and the movement toward a more “patient focused” approach to care. SHSC Laboratory Services strives to meet  clinical and economic needs of the institution with respect to POCT.


Dr. Paul Yip Division Head, Clinical Chemistry and POCT  Ext. 1594
Lisa Merkley Director of Laboratory Medicine Ext. 7391
Mary Rozmanc Biochemistry and POCT Manager Ext. 7384