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Supporting all conditions of the brain through the Hurvitz Brain Sciences Program, we treat patients and conduct research in areas such as stroke and neurodegenerative disease. As well, we offer EMG, EEG and sleep study laboratory services.

Making an appointment

A referral from a licensed physician in Ontario is required for new patients. Our clinics provide provincial specialty care for our catchment area only, as well as some specialized programs supported by the Ministry of Health which allow us to service patients from across the province of Ontario. All patients are triaged according to urgency and may be redirected to qualified physicians located near the patient's home location or who have expertise in a specific condition. Patients should discuss the need for a second opinion with their treating physician.

Referring a patient

** NOTE: Outpatient referrals for these clinics will only be accepted from our catchment area.

Neurology catchment area for referrals


Referral information available here.
Fax referral to the ALS Clinic - F: 416-480-6817

Brain Tumours

Cognitive or Behavioural Neurology

Fax referral to Cognitive Neurology - F: 416-480-5354 or 416-480-4552

General neurological issues**

See our DO NOT REFER section, below, before sending referral for review
Fax this referal form to the General Neurology Clinic.
We only accept these referals from within our catchment area.


Fax referral to Dr Will Kingston - F: 416-480-4990
*We only accept these referrals from within our catchment area.

Multiple Sclerosis**

Fax referal to Dr Liesly Lee - F: 416-480-4114
**We only accept these referals from within our catchment area.


Parkinson's disease/Lewy Body Dementia

Fax referal to Dr Mario Masellis - F: 416-480-5354

Sleep Neurology

Sleep consults only may be faxed to 416-480-6092.
Sleep study information.


Fax referal to the Stroke Prevention Clinic - F: 416-480-5753.
**We only accept these referals from within our catchment area.


  • Already seeing/has been seen by a neurologist (we do not offer second opinions) unless referral is by a neurologist
  • Bell's palsy - can be managed by a family physician
  • Chronic pain/fibromyalgia - refer to a community Pain Clinic
  • Concussion - If injury is less than 3 months old refer to Sunnybrook TBI Clinic F: 416-480-6885. If symptoms are long-standing, refer to a community concussion clinic
  • Chronic Epilepsy/Seizures - refer to TWH Epilepsy Unit
  • Diplopia/neurological vision loss/Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension - refer to Sunnybrook neuro-ophthalmology (Dr Arun Sundaram F: 416-480-4481)
  • Refractory headache - refer to Women’s College headache clinic
  • Pediatric neurology patients - refer to Sick Kids
  • Syncope - refer to cardiology/family physician
  • Vertigo/tinnitus/hearing loss - refer to ENT
  • Incomplete/illegible referral forms will NOT be processed. Please make sure ALL patient demographics are included on the form. Do not send the patient’s entire medical file (only relevant information regarding the referral). 
  • If patient is outside of the catchment area referrals will only be taken into consideration if they are from another neurologist.

Emergency Room patients:
If the patient was seen in the Sunnybrook ER, but NOT SEEN by the Neurology consult service & the issue is still URGENT (onset less than 2 months) contact the Rapid Neurology Clinic to see if a referral was made there: P: 416-480-6100 ext. 689124 F: 416-480-4833

    Patient Education

    Location and contact

    Neurology division

    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
    2075 Bayview Avenue, 
    H-wing, 3rd floor, room H332
    Toronto, ON M4N 3M5

    Phone: 416-480-6100 ext. 689893
    Fax: 416-480-5054

    Division Head:
    Dr. Brian Murray

    General Neurology: 
    Dr. Philip Saleh

    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
    2075 Bayview Avenue,
    A-wing, 4th floor, Room 42 (A442)
    Toronto, ON M4N 3M5

    Administrator: Alvin Velarde
    Phone: 416-480-5200
    Fax: 416-480-5354