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About Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine is Sunnybrook's largest department with 99 full-time and over 200 part-time faculty members. We have 15 divisions and work in an interdisciplinary environment with Sunnybrook's care programs and other departments. Our leadership in clinical practice, education and research ensures optimal care for every patient.

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Sunnybrook Department of Medicine at a glance
15 divisions. 5 inpatient services. 176 acute beds. 5.6 day average length of stay.

253 total faculty
125 Fulltime faculty
51 Teachers/educators
9 Clinicians in quality & innovation
3 Administrators
47% Associate or full professor

Women represent
36% of our faculty
42% of formal leadership positions
49% of new hires
51% of promotions

2 100 hours teaching per year
14 education peer-reviewed grants
42 education publications
29 education presentations

$261,303,000+ in grant funding
2 949 publications
3 patents

14% increase in residents/fellows
23% increase in full time faculty
14% increase in academic budgets
114% increase in tri-council funding

26 quality publications
10 peer-reviewed grants in quality
51 quality presentations

Selected quality stories:
Hand hygiene performance has increased substantially as measured by our electronic monitoring initiative (44% to 60%) associated with a 30% reduction in nosocomial transmision of MRSA.

Rapid Referral Clinic has seen over 8 000 patients through April 2018, and diverted over 1 600 from admission to the medicine service. The estimated savings of the clinic amounts to 1-2 beds/day over the year.&nbsp

Through the implementation of standarized order sets the rate of hypoglycemia in admitted patients has declined from >20% in 2010 to around 10% in 2013 and <5% in 2016.

Our readmission rate for Congestive Heart Failure has dropped by 30% from 20% to 14% as of June 2018. Along with this, our median LOS for Heart Failure has decreased to below the national and provincial benchmarks. 


When a patient is treated through one of Sunnybrook's 8 care programs, they are cared for by doctors from one of the Department of Medicine's 15 divisions. Our doctors, researchers and students integrate clinical practice, education and research. They deliver safe, leading edge care and treatment options to our patients.

As one of the University of Toronto's affiliated teaching hospitals, we provide an innovative learning environment, promoting critical inquiry and exchange between clinicans, researchers and educators, as featured through our Grand Rounds. We are training the next generation of doctors and researchers to deliver the best possible health outcomes for local and global populations.

Research is a vital component of our care model, bringing leading edge discoveries from the lab bench to the bedside. Our researchers are at the forefront of their fields, working towards new advances in the understanding and prevention of disease, improving the quality of care to those we cannot cure, and developing innovative treatments that improve and extend life.


Annual Report

Click to read the 2012-2013 Annual Report pdf (2 Mb pdf file)

From our Chief...

Dr. Michelle Hladunewich

"When we put patient care first, excellence in medical research and education naturally follows" - Dr. Michelle Hladunewich

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