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Lactose administration and inventory tracking (LAIT)

LAIT is a feed tracking application created for the Sunnybrook NICU, developed by ORIMS in collaboration with NICU stakeholders.

The application allows the NICU users to:

  • Positively identify infants via barcoded milk and feed ID labels checked against Sunnybrook patient ID bands
  • Adhere to Sunnybrook’s Infant Feeding policy, which is in place to ensure that infants are fed in a safe, consistent and evidence-based manner
  • Manage expressed breast milk inventory, enter feed orders, document feed preparation and administration, and identify both the patient and caregiver to optimize safety and ensure staff accountability

LAIT Feed Administration: Specification of feed type for inventory management example
LAIT feed administration: Specification of feed type for inventory management
Track expressed breast milk from expression to collection, storage, preparation and feeding

LAIT’s various functions are made available based on each individual user’s scope of practice in the NICU. Users with administrative access have the ability to assign permissions to each user and adjust those permissions as needed. This means that users will always have access to appropriate functions, irrespective of the device from which they access LAIT.

Feed orders can be electronically co-signed within the application, streamlining the process for feed order approval. LAIT also allows users to automatically generate reports and export data when required.

LAIT Order Feed: Primary feed order entry.
LAIT order feed: Primary feed order entry

LAIT Feed Preparation: Prompt to scan milk label from inventory example
LAIT Feed Preparation: Prompt to scan milk label from inventory