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Operating Room and Related Services


TrackPAC is an innovative application used in the Sunnybrook pre-anesthesia clinic which allows for schedule optimization and improved patient flow.

The pre-anesthesia clinic sees patients prior to surgery in order to ensure patients are in appropriate condition and well-prepared for their surgery or medical procedure.

Public-facing TrackPAC waiting room screen example
Public-facing TrackPAC waiting room screen

For patients, TrackPAC reduces total appointment wait times through use of airport-style arrival and departure boards, which notify the patient when to proceed to exam rooms. It also increases efficiency on the clinical side. Patients may also use a chatbot service to conveniently schedule their PAC appointments and get information about what to expect. Chat transcripts are available for staff to view in TrackPAC.

From the staff perspective, TrackPAC allows for the day’s appointments to be organized by requirement. It also allows for improved communication between staff members in the OR and related services, utilizing flags and notes on patient appointments (ie. flagging allergy or required precautions).

The clinic triages ~9,000 patients annually in 4 types of appointments:

  • Anesthesia/RN/pharmacy – Used to comprehensively evaluate patients who have a complex medical history, patients who have experienced previous complications from anesthesia, or as requested by surgeon
  • RN only – Used to evaluate patients with a less complex medical history, who may require additional testing, have concerns that need to be addressed in-clinic, or who have language barriers, hearing/communication difficulties, or are otherwise not suited for telephone interview
  • RN telephone – A telephone evaluation for patients who are generally healthy, do not require any pre-operative testing, are able to communicate verbally in English, and who are not having major surgery
  • Anesthesia consult only – An appointment type usually for patients referred from the surgical offices to see an anesthesiologist in advance of procedures done outside of the operating room (ie. cardiac ablations, brachytherapy, aneurysm coiling)

In order to accommodate an increasing demand for surgical services and maintain a high quality of pre-operative/pre-procedure care, the pre-anesthesia clinic uses TrackPAC to implement new and innovative solutions. Schedule optimization combined with improved patient flow result in better access to care and a reduction in total appointment wait time.

  • Technology driven platforms improve patient flow
  • Improved patient flow enhances the patient experience
  • Access to information increases patient and staff satisfaction

TrackOR Internal: Day summary Example
TrackPAC internal: day summary

TrackPAC Internal: Census and Views example
TrackPAC internal: census and views