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Exercise is medicine

Exercise is good medicine across the lifespan. It improves heart health, fitness, energy, bone strength, facilitates return to pre-pregnancy weight, and reduces rates of postpartum depression and anxiety. Exercising during pregnancy provides the opportunity to role-model a healthy lifestyle for the entire family while improving your own health at the same time!

Good health now: Pregnancy tips for happy & healthy future

There's a profound link between a woman’s health pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and her future heart health. Tips for pregnant women to help them enhance their health now.

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Exercise dos & don'ts during pregnancy

Is exercise safe during pregnancy? What kind of exercise can I participate in? Tips to help you get active safely during pregnancy.

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Exercise & breastfeeding: why it's good for you

Exercise is good for you, even while breastfeeding! Our expert tips for successful exercise during this time in your life.

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Exercise & pregnancy patient tool: PARmed-X for pregnancy

PARmed-X for pregnancy is a guideline for health screening prior to participation in a prenatal fitness class or other exercise. 

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