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Getting Back to Daily Activities

Keep your leg elevated on a pillow for 80 percent of the time for the first 2 to 3 weeks after surgery. You may do the exercises in this booklet in your non-resting time.

Is there anything I cannot do after surgery?

  • DO NOT drive a motor vehicle home and for at least 1 week after surgery because of medications and healing.
  • DO NOT drink alcohol while taking prescription pain medication because taking both together can be dangerous.
  • DO NOT lift anything weighing more than 10 pounds for 4 weeks after the surgery because it may damage the incision.
  • DO NOT use leg weights, or go to the gym, or go bike riding, or take long walks for 4 weeks after the surgery because these activities may damage the incision.
  • DO NOT swim or use a hot tub/bath if the skin of the wound is open, or if the drains are still in.

Will I feel tired during my recovery?

  • It is normal to feel tired for up to 2 months after your surgery.
  • This may make it hard for you to do all of your regular activities.
  • Learning ways to best use your energy will help you to complete activities and get through the day:
    • Listen to what your body tells you.
    • Set small goals for the day and don't worry if you don't get everything done.
    • Take rest breaks often.

When can I wash?

  • You may have a shower 48 hours after surgery.
  • Remove the dressing around the drain when you shower.
  • When showering, loosely tie a scarf or bandana around your thigh so you can clip your drains to it.
  • Sitting on a bathchair while you shower can make it easier to wash. You can rent a bathchair from a medical supply store.
  • DO NOT scrub the incision.
  • DO NOT use soaps, creams or lotions over the incision until it is fully healed.
  • Gently pat dry using a clean towel.
  • When dry, put on a clean dressing around the drain.
  • When getting dressed, wear loose comfortable clothing.
  • When putting on underwear and pants, dress the leg/side that was operated on first and when you are undressing that leg will come out last.
  • DO NOT soak in a bathtub and DO NOT go swimming in a pool, lake or ocean until at least 4 weeks after the surgery.

What should I eat after surgery?

  • You can return to your regular diet when you feel hungry.
  • There is no special diet after surgery. However, adding more fibre to your diet will help to prevent constipation.
  • A dietitian is available to answer your questions about food and nutrition.
  • Please call 416-480-4623 to make an appointment.

When can I start my normal activities?

  • Keep leg elevated and resting 80 percent of the time on a pillow for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.
  • You can walk around the house and outside – but rest most of the time.
  • You may do the exercises in this booklet in your non-resting time.
  • Make sure the drains are pinned or clipped to your pants or clothing to help keep them secure.
  • No heavy lifting for 4 weeks

When can I go back to work?

  • Discuss restarting work with your surgeon because other treatments may be required after surgery.

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