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Heart surgery live-tweet

About the surgery

Bypass surgery is done to improve blood flow to the heart, when arteries have become blocked with plaque due to coronary artery disease. Learn what you can expect in a typical bypass surgery.

The build-up of plaque limits oxygen to the heart, which can lead to chest pain and a heart attack. Learn more about coronary artery disease and what you can do to reduce your risk.

Recovery time from this surgery can range from 6-12 weeks, and includes time in the ICU.

About the care team

The surgery will be led by Dr. Gideon Cohen and a team of experts from Sunnybrook's Schulich Heart Centre. A University of Toronto medical resident will be on hand to explain the surgery and answer questions.

About the patient

Lou is a male in his late 50s with coronary artery disease. He looks forward to his recovery so he can get back to spending time with his family and return to his hobbies, which include fishing, baking and gardening. Lou has consented in advance to participate in this live-tweet. 

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