Orthopaedic surgeons Dr. Paul Wong from Michael Garron Hospital and Dr. Markku Nousiainen from Sunnybrook  outside Sunnybrook’s Holland Centre

How it works: What your care path will look like and where

By choosing the Toronto Regional Arthroplasty Collaborative option, you will receive the full spectrum of high-quality orthopaedic care – from assessment to surgery, through to recovery.

TRAC infographic

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Toronto Regional Arthroplasty Collaborative

  1. Your primary care provider will assess you and refer you to an orthopaedic specialist. Note: Referrals will occur through the Toronto Region Central Intake to ensure timely access to care.
  2. You will receive a comprehensive assessment at a Rapid Access Clinic to determine the appropriate treatment plan for you.
  3. If eligible for hip or knee surgery, you will attend a surgeon consultation. During this visit, you and your surgeon will discuss your surgical care plan which may include weekend surgery at the Holland Centre.
  4. If your surgery is scheduled to be at the Holland Centre, you will attend your pre-operative appointment at the Holland Centre.
  5. You will receive surgery at the Holland Centre. The team will ensure a smooth transition to home.
  6. Once home, you will be provided with an appointment to follow up with your surgeon at your home hospital.

Michael Garron hospital  Unity Health

Sinai Health  Sunnybrook hospital

Toronto Regional Arthroplasty Collaborative is a partnership between Sunnybrook’s Holland Centre, Michael Garron Hospital, Sinai Health and Unity Health.