Total Hip Replacement Exercise Guide: Postoperative Information

Walking and early activity

The below information is for patients who are within the first 6-8 weeks after surgery, before attending their first follow-up appointment.

Weight bearing as tolerated means you are allowed to put as much weight as you feel comfortable with on your operated leg. As you walk, stand up as straight as you can. When you step, try to put the same amount of weight through each leg and have an equal step length.

Using a mobility aid

Start by placing your walker ahead of you and stepping your operated leg to the middle of the walker, followed by your non-operated leg. Stand up straight and keep your eyes forward.

Important: never place your feet ahead of the front of your walker.

Walking sequence

  1. Walker
  2. Operated leg
  3. Non-operated leg

Sit to stand

When sitting or standing from a chair, bed or toilet you must extend your operated leg out in front of you. It is important that you continue to do this until you have come for your follow up appointment (6-8 weeks after surgery).

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