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Eating well before, during and after treatment is especially important for people with cancer.

Cancer and treatments can make it difficult to eat well, especially if you have side effects.

Our Clinical Nutrition staff can:

  • help you with nutrition-related side effects from treatment
  • answer questions and concerns about nutrition
  • help you with problems with appetite and eating
  • provide information and samples of nutritional supplements
  • manage your weight
  • manage nausea

Clinical Nutrition services are part of your care at the Odette Cancer Centre. You do not need a referral from your doctor.

Visit us at the Nutrition Centre (T-Wing ground floor, TG-261 across from Druxy’s). Call us at 416-480-5000 ext. 3438.


Eating well with cancer

Learn how to get the right nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment.

Managing appetite loss: soup, smoothie and snack recipes

Loss of appetite is common for many people with cancer.

The nutrition team at the Odette Cancer Centre wanted to share some healthy and tasty recipes to help you heal and feel strong during cancer treatment.

In the below video you can find our simple soup, smoothie and snack recipes.

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