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Eating well before, during, and after treatment is especially important for people with cancer. Cancer and treatments can make it difficult to eat well, especially if you have side effects.

Our Clinical Nutrition staff can:

  • help you with nutrition-related side effects from treatment, like nausea, weight loss, and poor appetite
  • answer questions and concerns about nutrition
  • provide information about and samples of nutritional supplements

Clinical Nutrition Services are part of your care at the Odette Cancer Centre. You do not need a referral from your doctor.

Visit us at The Nutrition Resource Centre
T-Wing ground floor, TG-261 across from Druxy’s.
Call us at 416-480-5000 ext. 3438.


Our team

Tracey Rapier
Registered dietitian
Rosie Benson
Nutrition technician



Get answers to the top cancer nutrition questions and myths.

Browse nutrition handouts, booklets, and videos on eating well with cancer, managing nutrition-related side effects, and tube feeding.

Minestrone soup.


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