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MRI-Brachytherapy Suite

MRI-Brachytherapy lets doctors target tumours with unprecedented precision

MRI-Brachytherapy Suite

Sunnybrook doctors can now guide internal radiation treatment, called brachytherapy, with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). As a result, they are able to target tumours with unprecedented precision. What’s more, they will soon do this in real-time, in a unique suite outfitted with an MRI machine as well as the operating room equipment required to seamlessly perform the procedure.

Brachytherapy involves the placement of a radioactive source directly into cancerous tissue. Brachytherapy strikes tumours with high doses of radiation and is used in the treatment of prostate, breast and gynecological cancers.

By making it possible to image tumours with MRI and then instantly place the brachytherapy source, Sunnybrook doctors will be able to zero in on tumours like never before. In the new MRI-Brachytherapy Suite, doctors will also use MRI to quickly observe the treatment's effect on tumours, allowing them to adjust treatment if needed. This will mean a much better experience for patients who require brachytherapy treatment as it will be faster and less painful.