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FAQ: Electric vehicle charging stations

Sunnybrook’s Bayview campus has new electric vehicle charging stations, located in Parking Garage 1, Level 2B West. These parking spots are designated for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles only and will make it easier for staff, patients and visitors to use environmentally friendly transportation. For more information, please read the frequently asked questions below.

What are electric vehicle charging stations?

An electric vehicle (EV) uses an electric motor, powered by a battery, instead of a traditional gasoline engine. The batteries in these vehicles need to be recharged when depleted. Electric vehicle charging stations are specialized outlets that these vehicles can plug into to recharge their batteries.

Why is Sunnybrook installing them?

These charging stations are being installed as part of the Sunnybrook’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Helping to make electric vehicle usage more convenient for staff will encourage more staff to adopt this environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional cars, and lower their carbon footprint.

What type of charging stations are they?

All the stations are level-2 charging stations manufactured by Chargepoint.

Will the charging station work with any electric vehicle (EV)?

Yes, these charging stations’ coupler are standardized (SAE J1772) and compatible with 99% of the EV models from large automakers.

Where are they located?

Charging stations are available at Parking Garage 1, Level 2B West.

Who can use them?

All visitors with a plug-in electric vehicle are welcome to use the charging stations.

What do the spots look like?

Designated parking spaces are marked with signage indicating that parking is restricted to electric vehicles only. They also have a green electric car symbol painted on the pavement.

Can a regular car park in an electric vehicle charging station spot?

No, parking in these spaces is reserved exclusively for electric vehicles while they’re charging. A fine may apply to non-complying vehicles.

Can I use regular 120-volt wall plugs in the garages (or anywhere else) to charge my car?

These circuits do not have sufficient current capacity and for safety reasons are not to be used for charging electric vehicles.

Do I need to pay to charge my car?

In addition to the normal garage parking fee, users pay a time-based fee for using the chargers. As of October 22, 2021, the charging fee is $0.5 per hour for the first four hours and $1.00 per hour afterwards. For example, plugging in for four hours costs $2, eight hours costs $6 and twelve hours costs $10. This price structure is set to cover the cost of operation, electricity and encourage users to move their cars when not actively charging, freeing up the space for other EV owners. The fee may change over time. Users can pay with their Chargepoint card, Chargepoint app, or FLO card.

Is there a time limit for using these stations?

EV owners are encouraged not to plug-in solely because a charger is available. The spot should be left free for EV drivers who may need to charge.

How will the usage of these spots be monitored?

Sunnybrook Parking Services and Sunnybrook Sustainability Team will be monitoring the spaces to ensure they are neither going unused, or too busy to accommodate demand.

How does an EV driver activate the charging stations?

The driver pulls into the parking stall and can activate the charging stations by swiping a ChargePoint card or by calling the toll free phone number listed on the charging station.

Are there safety concerns when handling the EV charging devices?

Like all electrical devices, the EV charging stations should be handled with care. However, there are minimal safety concerns when handling the EV charging devices. They have been designed to engage with the car and the charging station unit and connect with electricity only when plugged in.

Will the chargers work in a power outage?

The chargers are not connected to emergency power and will be inoperative during a power outage.

Are more charging stations planned for the future?

We are investigating the feasibility of installing more charging stations in other locations. The outcome will depend on several factors including customer demand, funding (external and internal), and existing electrical infrastructure.

Have another question?

Review the ChargePoint FAQ page for more information, or contact us at

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