Patient & Family Education, Cancer


On Saturday April 30as part of the Florence Winberg Education Series, the Odette Cancer Centre collaborated with Bladder Cancer Canada for a patient education morning on bladder cancer.

Below are videos of some of the presentations.

Debbie Miller, ostomy advance practice nurse, shares tips and practical strategies to help manage urine leakage for bladder cancer patients. Debbie also shares tips on how to avoid stoma infection, properly look after your catheter and ways to strengthen your kegel muscles!

Dr. Raj Satkunasivam, urologist, discusses on overview of treatment options available for people living with bladder cancer. Dr. Satkunasivam also shares some exciting new innovations and technologies with strong outcomes for bladder cancer patients.

Lori Halton, registered dietitian, shares the benefits of healthy eating guidelines for those living with an ostomy. Lori explains the benefits of good nutrition and some strategies to maintain intake for people living with bladder cancer.

Patient as Teacher: Andy, Zima and Stephen are bladder cancer survivors who share their tips for newly diagnosed patients, including how family members and caregivers can provide support and how living with bladder cancer has affected their quality of life.

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