Patient & Family Education, Cancer

Head & neck

As part of our Florence Winberg Education series, the Odette Cancer Centre organized an evening of learning about head and neck cancer for patients and their families. Our goals were to introduce families to members of the healthcare team, and to share information about managing and treating head and neck cancers.

Learn more by watching some of the speaker presentations from this event, which was held in October 2016.

» Head and neck cancer treatments

Dr. Kevin Higgins spoke about current treatments available for head and neck cancer patients.

» Maximizing speech & swallow function 

Marlene Jacobson, Speech Language Pathologist, gave a presentation about maximizing speech and swallow function.

» Getting the nutrition you need

Registered Dietitians Elaine Posluns and Edith Stokes spoke about how important it is to get the right nutrition. They also gave some tips on how to take care of your g-tube (feeding tube).

» Lymphedema: what do I need to know?

Leslie Gibson, Occupational Therapist, spoke about lymphedema of the neck as a common side-effect.

» What to do with symptoms and side effects

Shawne Gray, Registered Nurse, spoke about the head and neck nursing team at Sunnybrook and what to do with your symptoms and side-effects.