Patient & Family Education, Cancer


On Thursday April 14, as part of the Florence Winberg Education Series, a patient education evening was held on sexual health and quality of life issues for men living with prostate cancer. Special thanks to the Prostate Cancer Canada Network – Toronto for collaborating on this event.

Below are videos of some of the presentations.

Angela Turner, radiation therapist, discusses sexual health issues for men with prostate cancer. Specifically, Angela explains some of the side effects of radiation therapy and information around erectile dysfunction that some men with prostate cancer can experience.

Dr. Andrew Loblaw presents the future of radiotherapy. In this presentation, Dr. Loblaw discusses current research and future innovations that will help men with prostate cancer make informed decisions around treatment options. Side effects of brachytherapy and surgery are discussed.

Aaron Bacher of the Toronto Peer Support Network of Prostate Cancer Canada lends his expertise in this "patient as teacher" video. Aaron encourages men to seek the help they need and to not be afraid of embarrassing questions.

Kathy Carothers, advance practice nurse, shares how fatigue is common symptom for men with prostate cancer. In this video Kathy shares some practical tips to help fight fatigue and feel more energized.

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