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LGBTQ2S+ Health

Cancer affects everyone in different ways and each of us has our own needs. Person
In our cancer programs at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, we recognize our LGBTQ2S+ patients have their own needs. house
We welcome you and want you to feel comfortable sharing your needs with us.

symbolMany LGBTQ2S+ people with cancer will not identify themselves to their healthcare team.

You may not feel comfortable in the healthcare system.

This is often because of negative experiences you may have had when you have used healthcare services.

Person-centered care is about focusing on those parts of your care that matter most to you. Family
Couple inside a heart.

We want to know what we can do to make your care experience better.

If you want to talk to someone about what matters to you, ask your healthcare team. Our staff is trained in diversity and equity.

LGBTQ2S+ resources

Please visit PEARL on the 1st floor in T-wing to pick up some LGBTQ2S+ and sexual health patient education materials.

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Additional resources: