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Patient and Visitor Recording Policy

Sunnybrook respects the privacy rights and obligations of all patients, staff and visitors. To support our commitments to ensuring respect for those obligations, Sunnybrook maintains a ‘Patient and Visitor Recording Policy’ that governs the rights and obligations for persons to undertake photo, video or audio recordings or surveillance on Sunnybrook property or during the provision of Sunnycare services.

The policy indicated below generally supports the ability for patients and visitors to make recordings of or to transmit photo, video or audio signals by any means on Sunnybrook property or during the provision of Sunnycare services subject to the express consent of all persons who may be captured by a recording/surveillance activity and is not otherwise prohibited by this policy.

Please note that covert or unauthorized recording or surveillance is strictly prohibited. A person who is found to be or have been recording in breach of this policy will be informed of the policy prohibiting unauthorized recording and will be asked to cease the recording activity immediately. Persons who refuse to comply with this policy may be subject to removal from the hospital’s premises. Persons should consult the full policy for specific provisions.

Questions or concerns about the policy can be directed to Sunnybrook’s Privacy office at or via telephone at (416) 480-6100 x1236.

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