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Personalized care

  • Initial visit

    • Young women are assessed by the PYNK nurse to determine the needs of each patient and her family.
  • Staging and treatment plan

    • The nurse helps support the patient with decision-making and also acts as a system navigator, enabling patients to receive timely referrals to a variety of specialists such as fertility experts, plastic surgeons and geneticists.
  • Active treatment

    • Patients and their families need ongoing psychological support and maximum practical support. The latter may include information about nutrition, exercise, wigs, age-appropriate books for children, babysitting services, or referral to a child-life specialist.

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  • Follow-up care

    • The nurse helps the patient get back to a “new normal” life, including return to work, and deal with any long-term toxicities of treatment such as chest pain, lymphedema or sexual dysfunction. Patients contemplating getting pregnant benefit from the significant expertise of our team.